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Island Survival Devlog #3 -

Improved Animal System

The animal AI system has been rebuilt completely from ground up. It now supports tons of more elaborate features such as colony system, multiple animal tendencies, colonial treaties, marine, ground, and flying animals, and many other features and improvements.


The animal behavior is determined by 6 (six) big configurations and bunch of other smaller sub-configurations for each animal. Those configurations are habitat (land, marine, air, or amphibious), characteristic (aggressive, passive, or timid), diet (carnivore or herbivore), social (solitary or colony), movement (nomad or settled), and colonial treaty (ignore, help, or battle). Any kind of combination of those configurations work fluently without exception, allowing "hard-to-count" number of possibilities for animal behavior variations.


The system includes colony system. It includes alpha animal (pack leader) selection, colony reformation and creation, colony movements, and colonial treaties (how one colony treats other colony of the same species). The system also supports marine animals movement, it also gives land animals ability to swim as well. There are still things to be added to the system. Things like "preferred target" and "flying animal movements are right next in my to do list!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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