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Island Survival Devlog #5 -

The development of the Island Survival was started several months ago. The game has received many feedback and criticisms so far. Based on those, I decided to change some aspects of the game for sake of originality. Find out where this game is heading and the reason behind it in the link below.



Change of Plan!


Island Survival Devlog #4 -

Following the new improved animal system addition, multiple new animals have been added to inhabit the island! Now players aren't limited to only hunt land animals. They can also hunt small fishes as easy source of food, and soon, flying animals too! Other amazing new animals are also waiting to be discovered!

New animals have been added!


Island Survival Devlog #3 -

The animal AI system has been rebuilt completely from ground up. It now supports tons of more elaborate features such as colony system, multiple animal tendencies, colonial treaties, marine, ground, and flying animals, and many other features and improvements!



Improved Animal System


Island Survival Devlog #2 -

Island Survival will participate in the Compfest X, a game development competition. This is the trailer video assigned for the competition. Watch the video in the link below.



First Game Trailer is Out!


Island Survival Devlog #1 -

Making the island by hand might take a crazy long time. So I developed a generator tool/system to procedurally fill up the entire island quickly. It's not a triple-A quality tool just yet, but it does the job well enough for my personal use. It lets me complete the whole island just in a single night! Check out the tool workflow and result in the link below!



Island Generator Tools


Random Post #1 -

I have been working to improve Island Survival's graphic quality. At this time around, I was working specifically on water shader. In the process I unintentionally made this highly realistic and beautiful scene. It was taken directly in game, no post-processing or editing is involved!

Power of Unity

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