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Island Survival Devlog #5 -

Change of Plan!

The development of the Island Survival was started several months ago. The game has received many feedback and criticisms so far. Based on those, I decided to change some aspects of the game for sake of originality.

A lot of people said the Island Survival reminds them a lot of the Ark: Survival Evolved. While it's actually a great accomplishment for me personally, and I won't deny that I'm so much inspired by that game. But I think it won't be good for the future of the game. If I keep it going this way, I'm quite sure the game succession will be much more limited.

So I decided make some big changes to the concept of the game. First of all, the game's name might change at some point in the future, due to big change to the concept. And as of the game, it will now become a lot more like a simulation survival game. The main character is no longer a person getting unfortunately stranded in an island. Instead, the main character is now a person who intentionally get himself into a wild environment. Player can choose which environment they want to survive in. Whether it's a deep forest, remote island, desert, winter forest, etc. There will be also an option for the player to bring along modern tools from home, or not at all. In the survival, the player is bound to craft/create tools and weapons, structure/encampment, traps for capturing animals, etc. to support their lives in the wild.

Basically, the survival mechanism would be pretty much similar. Except that it will be much more elaborate than the current one. An example case is, the player will have to arrange stone and woods piece by piece to create a campfire. But the wood itself must be cut small. Yes, you read that right! The game will now support object cutting system. So the player have to go into the trouble of having to cut down a tree and then cutting it into smaller parts, and then arrange them with other materials just to create something. Cool, right?

So it's like what's been said before, the game will be more like of a simulation game. So things will be made as realistic as possible in the future. The game is now much more inspired by some survival youtube-ers. Almost all of their videos are watched by more than a million of people (I'm one of them), showing how much of people are actually missing the nature. So instead of just sitting and watching other people doing some survival stuffs in youtube video and only imagining of how fun it'd be to do it by themselves, the game will try to facilitate and let them to actually experience it themselves in form of simulation game. It won't probably be as fun and challenging as the real life experience, but it hinders the life-threatening risks and real environmental damage as exchange.

That's all the plan. It's certainly a very long and rough way to go. But I will do my best to achieve what I promised here. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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